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Many lenders these days don’t offer a phone consultation, but Freedom Plus does. This consultation typically lasts around 15 or 20 minutes. In addition to personalizing their service, this phone conversation is a great opportunity to figure out ways that you can lower the rate of your loan.

What Is The Typical Interest Rate Of Loans From Freedom Plus?

Your interest rate will vary depending your circumstances. However, their interest rates are under 30%. However, you could pay as little as 7.39%.

There are discounts that can lower your interest rate substantially. In fact, simply adding a co-signer could lower your interest rates by as much as 5%. In addition, there is a discount for people who have retirement savings. If you have at least $40,000 of retirement assets, you could lower your interest rate by two to four percent.

How Much Can You Borrow With Freedom Plus?

The amount that you’ll be able to borrow varies depending on your circumstances. Their loan amounts range between $10,000 and $35,000.

What Is The Term Of The Loan From Freedom Plus?

The loans are repaid over periods of time between two and five years. You can choose the repayment plan that is best for you.

Will You Get The Funds Quickly?

Freedom Plus deposits the funds as quickly as possible once you are approved. The deposit always happens within 48 hours.

Is There An Origination Fee?

There is an origination fee. This fee ranges from 1.38 to 5 percent.

Who Is Freedom Plus Best For?

Freedom Plus has several important requirements. You need a credit score of 640 and an income of at least $30,000 to qualify. However, it is important to note that the average credit score of borrowers is above 700. Additionally, your debt to income ratio must be below 40%.

Also, you’ll need to show proof of having successfully held lines of credit. You can show two credit accounts, or you can show one credit account that you’ve had for at least three years.

Is Freedom Plus Good For Debt Consolidation?

While it is always essential that you meet Freedom Plus’ credit requirement, they offer a direct payment option. This ensures that the money that you borrow is directly deposited to the creditors who you owe money to.

Are There Additional Fees That You Might Have To Pay?

If you are ten or more days late on a payment, you will be charged a fee of 5% of that month’s payment or 15 dollars. You will be charged whichever of these amounts is larger.

If you use personal checks to pay Freedom Plus, you’ll need to pay a processing fee. This fee is 15 dollars. If you are unsuccessful at making a payment, you will be charged a fee of 15 dollars.

Is It Easy To Apply To A Loan With Freedom Plus?

Applying for a loan with Freedom Plus is quite easy. In fact, it is possible to start the application process online by giving your name and email address along with other information.

There is a sliding bar on the homepage of their website that allows you to select the amount of your loan. Later on in the application process, you must state the purpose of the loan. You also will have to say what state you’re from and provide information about your credit score. You’ll also have to provide information about your employment status on the online application.

Have Borrowers Had Good Experiences With This Loan?

Many borrowers have had excellent experiences with Freedom Plus, and the company has received great reviews.